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Why My Internet Business – What’s the Comp plan about?

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

With My Internet Business, you come into contact with vast amounts of knowledge about network marketing and Internet marketing techniques. By investing in the company, you get immediate returns on your sales efforts. Many marketing systems require that you give up your first couple of sales to the person who brought you in to the business, or just to the company. But with My Internet Business, there is no waiting period. Your very first sale earns you money–and, maybe, that is a fairly hefty commission. You are still earning money for the company and for your mentor or sponsor, too.
There are 4 different levels at which you can join the company, and each one comes with its own compensation plan:
* Bronze Level is $495 to join. You get $300 for direct sales, $100 for overrides.
* Silver Level is $995 to join. You get $700 for direct sales, $150 for overrides.
* Gold Level is $1995 to join. You get $1500 for direct sales, $300 for overrides.
* Platinum Level is $2995 to join. You get $2000 for direct sales, $500 for overrides.
Now some people might find these membership costs steep and question whether or not it’s worth it. But it’s very important to keep in mind that you are not paying to get involved in a j-o-b. You are investing your money into the start-up costs of a new business that you will run for yourself.
For by way of comparison, the costs of starting up with My Internet Business are very inexpensive–as one should expect from an Internet business. For instance, if you bought into a franchise, you might likely shell out about $30,000; and you would not see a profit for at least two years. If you wanted start your own bricks-and-mortar business in the traditional way, you would likely have to pay out anywhere from $50,000 to half a million dollars–without knowing if you would even make it in the first three years (when most businesses fail). If you decide to start your own service company, you are always unemployed between jobs. You are always like a hunter. And you have to trade your time for money–instead of leveraging a little time for a lot of money as the wealthy do.
The more you invest up-front in the My Internet Business program, the more access you have to more resources.
If there is a drawback to My Internet Business’ compensation plan, it has to do with the difference between direct sales and overrides. Clearly the idea that founder Darren Gaudry had was to eliminate any waiting period for sales compensation and make it profitable to help a team while also encouraging independence–hence making direct sales worth more than overrides or “residuals”. But some similar plans make residuals equal to direct sales, and critics contest that this makes for more of a team environment which can create even more sales. But some money for overrides is better than nothing; and the point of the business is to become totally independent, relying on your own sales as much as possible.

My Internet Business is being used successfully around the world!

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

My Internet Business is being used successfully by more and more people around the world every day. The reason that this new business system is making so many people so successful is because it brings together more marketing and business power under “one roof” than anything else has probably ever attempted to.

High ticket products… funded proposals… tried and true marketing techniques…packages and services…a unique compensation plan that starts putting money into your account right away beginning with your very first sale…your own profile webpage and your own branding system…and probably the most comprehensive, complete mentoring and training system that you can find on the Internet are all brought together in one grand synthesis.

A lot of people who are seeking the opportunities that the Internet has opened the doors to are seeking hither and yon to try to find the best (and in fact, the legitimate) of all of these different aspects of having a successful Internet business. The time and expense they have to put in can be, and very often are, so discouraging that they cause them to quit before they have made any money of any significance, and often times before they have even recovered their expenses. This is why the creators of My Internet Business were determined to eliminate all that time and trouble and risk, and provide the very best system that anyone could find. It’s in their best interests, and they are confident that it’s in the best interests of those who buy in to My Internet Business. The great producers of wealth always love a win-win situation; that’s one way to tell if an opportunity is legitimate.

My Internet Business provides what it calls “Millionaire Training”. This is the knowledge of how to take advantage of all the most highly effective, tried and true methods of building abundant wealth and leveraging them with the greatest technological breakthrough of (at least) the last 50 years–the Internet. Millionaire Training is knowledge that stays with a person for the rest of their lives, as it combines the best of the ancient knowledge with the best of modern technology and 21st century opportunities.

My Internet Business could be the absolute perfect opportunity for Internet marketers, network marketers, entrepreneurs, people who have been trying to start their own business with a virtual office, or anyone else who wants to leave a dead-end j-o-b, have more recreational time, more time with friends and loved ones, less overhead, more personal satisfaction and, yes, a lot more money.

My Internet Business is designed not just for these type-A professionals, though. It’s also designed so that even if you believe you couldn’t sell flavored snow cones in the desert, you have never seemed to have any business savvy, you have no known managerial talent, or you hate marketing or even find it “evil”, you can still leverage the Millionaire Training to your advantage and your profits. Maybe the best thing about this Internet business is that you don’t need any special degree or any experience–all you need is the burning desire for a better life.