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Many would like to know what makes My Internet Business so different?

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Many people would rightly ask what makes My Internet Business so different from others that are not as effective. If My Internet Business brings together a lot of opportunities from other, similar businesses and ideas, what does it have that others don’t? How will you be different if you invest in My Internet Business versus other Internet businesses?

When you get involved in My Internet Business, you are not required to start hitting up and trying to recruit your family and friends. It’s unbelievable, really, how many Internet opportunities still rely on this old, irritating, off-putting, incredibly uncomfortable model. If our friends and family were interested in the business that we are getting into, they would already be looking into similar things themselves. It’s just not the thing that most people want to be doing. My Internet business has ways of attracting targeted traffic out of Internet surfers, so that you are being contacted by people who already are very likely to have an interest in what you are offering. These aren’t people who are going to sit down to meet with you out of feeling a sense of duty when you know they aren’t going to buy anything from you.

Speaking of that, this Internet business is not one of the shots in the dark that you are supposed to take up blindly and then figure out for yourself. Most people who try Internet marketing have no idea how to get leads and prospects, and most of the time the companies they get involved with don’t have any idea, either, and cannot help them. They are only interested in signing up as many people as possible so that they reap the benefits of the good luck of a few or the talents of a few. Your success means nothing to them.

When start-up companies try to prove themselves, they lack the most important thing: testimonials. Customers who have seen it with their own eyes and achieved something for their own selves are the best sellers of what a company offers. Of course, you can’t have testimonials from many people if you are a new company. But why aren’t there testimonials from the owners of the new venture? Where are their customers? With My Internet Business, you are tapping into many Internet businesses that have garnered tried and true success.

Residual income is important to anyone’s long-term success. But too many Internet businesses don’t offer this. They are merely glorified, home-based one-time-sales games that don’t even sell products a lot of the time, but merely sell an opportunity. My Internet Business offers products, services, ideas, and opportunities–and you don’t have to become a primitive hunter of commissions to earn from them.

And My Internet business doesn’t require that you buy some product of theirs. You won’t end up with a garage full of vitamin supplements, water crystallization machines, or anything of the kind. With My Internet Business, you are given a great support team, a professional virtual office, a vast array of products and services to sell. It might be the greatest Internet opportunity ever devised.